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Shutter Hub X ARB Present: ‘Postcards From Europe’

We’re excited to be back with our first #CambsCreativeScene online post of the year introducing Shutter Hub’s latest show which is on display until Friday 25th February 2022. On 12th January, the organisation launched their largest exhibition to date – it features 1000+ photographs from across Europe, installed across four floors of the University of Cambridge’s Alison Richard Building.

Shutter Hub provide opportunities, support and networking for creative photographers worldwide. As well as the details of the current exhibit, Postcards From Europe, we are also pleased to be sharing an invitation to photographers from across the county and beyond to put forward their images for the organisation’s second printed publication. It was great to see work by members of Cambridgeshire’s creative community selected for Yearbook 2021 which is out now – get your copy here and head to the end of this post to see the call-out details for Road Trip.

Postcards From Europe has been created from a call for response and collaboration, triggered by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and reflecting on Shutter Hub’s earlier project Postcards From Great Britain. The exhibition is open Monday to Friday from 9-7PM and is free to visit (Art at ARB, Cambridge CB3 9DT).

Image by Jayne Lloyd via Shutter Hub
Image by Jayne Lloyd via Shutter Hub

In a significant time in history this exhibition sets out to share aspects of European culture, spanning all genres of photography, and collating images which include social, political, historical, traditional, and observational responses. Karen Harvey, Shutter Hub Creative Director, says: “It’s been a pleasure to be able to work with so many photographers and share so many fascinating images. It’s been a long time coming, but we are so glad to be back in Cambridge, with Art at the ARB, showcasing this work as a real world exhibition!”

Postcards From Europe, which has been printed by Newspaper Club, marks the 20th and final exhibition in a series of pop-ups as part of a huge five year endeavour from Shutter Hub. Exhibitions were held in 19 locations across Europe, showcasing thousands of postcard-sized images and culminating in this final showcase with Art at the ARB at the University of Cambridge.

Not only is this landmark project a celebration of our everyday lives and culture, it is also the first of its kind. The show brings together a significant selection of images that represent our diverse social history – and they have been printed on reams of newspaper, creating an accessible and communicative exhibition which invites viewers to engage with them as they continue their journey through the building and exhibit.

Image by Jayne Lloyd via Shutter Hub
Image by Jayne Lloyd via Shutter Hub


Shutter Hub Editions plan to create a collection of beautiful printed publications, featuring themed and solo books for people who love photography to collect. You are invited to be a part of their second edition, which they want to fill with entrants’ images around the theme of Road Trip. Entries are being accepted until 5PM (GMT) on Thursday 24th February 2022.

Shutter Hub says: “There’s something wonderful about a road trip, whether it’s getting the best seat on the bus and going long distance to visit a relative, cycling cross-country up hill and down dale, or driving the backroads on a journey of freedom and exploration through an unknown place, there’s a certain sense of nostalgia and adventure that can’t be matched – but it can be photographed!”

Image by Mike Sutton via Shutter Hub

Each photographer can submit up to six single images and it is free to enter. Shutter Hub are supporting the publication themselves so that the opportunity can be offered at no cost unless you wish and are able to make a contribution. All they ask is that entrants send their best work so they can make a significant publication to be pored over and treasured forever! The publication itself will be perfect bound, portrait orientation and printed on 140gsm matte paper at 148 x 210mm with a 350gsm cover.

Entrants do not have to be a Shutter Hub member to take part but if you would like to find out about all the benefits of becoming a Shutter Hub member you can do so here. Has this sparked your curiosity? Click this link to find out more, read the full brief, and apply today! Be sure to also follow for future updates on Twitter and Instagram.

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