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What’s On: Cows About Cambridge Art Trail

Moo-ving on up, moo-ving on out… nothing is stopping the #CowsAboutCambridge from taking over the city this Summer and we are udderly excited! Cows About Cambridge is a unique arts event and those taking part include local artists, businesses, schools and community groups from across the region. The sculpture trail launches on Monday 28th June and the cows will be on display until Saturday 4th September 2021.

This innovative project will be one of the largest mass-participation art events to be held in Cambridge. It has been described as a world-class art trail and is available for everyone to enjoy for free. The 44 Cow Sculptures and 46 Mini Moos have been lovingly hand-decorated and will be installed in COVID-friendly locations in the open air or within public spaces indoors.

Covering 10 miles, the entire trail can be walked during a fun day out but you can also choose to visit as many or as few of the installations as you wish with several to be found near hospitality venues and ideal picnic spots. Printed trail maps showing all the locations can be collected in shopping centres or from the city’s Cambridge BID Ambassadors. You can also download it from the website here.

There will be an app available to help geo-locate the cows, unlock rewards and track your trail progress – get interactive by voting for your favourite cow and uploading your selfies to the online gallery!

Image by Mark Bullimore Photography: Call For Artists in 2019

The 10-week long sculpture trail is delivered by creative producers Wild In Art in partnership with local children’s charity Break and is supported by inaugural sponsor and principal partner Cambridge Business Improvement District (BID).

Charlie Langhorne, Managing Director/Co-founder of Wild In Art, said: “…The contribution from communities, schools, artists and sponsors is at the very core of the success of Cows About Cambridge, and for that we are immensely grateful…” and “…not only will these beautiful bovines bring a smile to your face, but they also have a serious role to play in encouraging conversations about the climate and how we look after our world.”

After the trail ends, all the cows will be herded together for a final farewell weekend, then the large cow sculptures will be auctioned off to raise vital funds for Break while the mini moos will find forever homes with the schools and community groups that created them. Rachel Cowdry, CEO of Break charity said: “The auction in September will raise vital funds for our services across Cambridgeshire, giving young people in care, on the edge of care or leaving care stability, a home and the life-long support they need to enjoy a bright and successful future.”

Image by RMG Photography: ‘May-Belle’ by Artist Dario Fisher
Image by RMG Photography: ‘May-Belle’ at The Museum of Zoology

Local Artist and #WeAreCambsCreatives member Dario Fisher created ‘May-Belle’ who, as seen above, was spotted back when the project launched bravely punting on the River Cam. Dario’s design ‘portrays two immediately recognisable landmarks as simple and striking sunset scenes’. You will be able to find ‘May-Belle’ grazing on Christ’s Pieces, ‘the city’s iconic green spaces gives Cambridge a unique, peaceful sense of being out in the country’.

Another Cambridge favourite, the artist duo known as Dinky Doors are also participating with ‘MooMoo-o-Tron III’. Dinky Doors are street artists who remain anonymous and who are on a mission to save the world from ‘relentlessly terrible news and wanton drudgery’.

They say on their blog that that it “…was a huge uddertaking for us, when we’re used to working at a slightly more dinky scale, but we’re pretty happy with the result…” – you can read their full blog here and watch the video below for the story behind this a-moosing creation!

Download the Dinky Doors colouring pages here!

Two of our favourite cows that we are hoping to see are ‘ButterCup’ and ‘Sir Isaac Mooton’. ‘ButterCup’ by sculptor Sally Adams will be on Midsummer Common. The artist was inspired by classic cow names and is known for manipulating the initial form – which can be seen here with the addition of the petal-face.

‘Sir Isaac Mooton’ by Donna Newman celebrates the achievements of Sir Isaac Newton. Donna’s design is playful and features symbols of the famous figure’s discoveries – can you spot the ‘reflecting telescope, Newton’s cannon, light refraction and the much-debated cat flap’ on your visit?

It has recently been reported that the mini moos escaped their lockdown to go shopping in Cambridge and have been spotted in shops, museums, libraries, galleries and leisure venues across the city centre this last week. The smaller cow sculptures have been individually decorated by schools, colleges and community groups involved in the Cows About Cambridge Learning Programme.

Each sculpture has a unique and colourful story to tell, with themes ranging from kindness and comedy to favourite books and school subjects. The learning programme has provided resources and lesson plans to encourage classroom creativity as well as cross-curricular conversations about a range of relevant topics, from climate change to construction. Read more about the escaping mini moos, print the colouring-in sheets and download the trail app here:

Don’t forget that you can also search for the trail on social media using #CowsAboutCambridge – we would love to see your discoveries, be sure to tag @TheTrove_Cambridge in your posts on Instagram so that we can share and use the community tag #CambsCreativeTreasures! The trail app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play from Monday 28th June at a cost of £1.99 with 25% of the net profit from each purchase being donated to the Break charity.

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Our Sponsors

Getting To Know: Clare Morris Resource*

This week we chatted with our sponsor, local Business Developer Clare Morris, to find out about when she started her business, what drives her to do what she does, her passion for keeping in touch with clients beyond the project work – and much more. We are also pleased to announce an exciting partnership going forward through which we will be collaborating to bring members of #WeAreCambsCreatives exclusive offers – check out this month’s competition and Q&A below!

CMR work with small and independent businesses giving advice on how to streamline processes and systems, addressing change, looking at how you can develop sustainably by being innovative, creating strategies to make ideas a reality and implementing support solutions. They also help to connect you with other independent businesses to complement gaps in your expertise.

Throughout the pandemic Clare has supported Cambridgeshire businesses who became overwhelmed and were dealing with change or loss of control as a result. She helped business owners to take a fresh look at their daily work practices, encouraged them to set new ways of thinking – and most importantly, celebrated their wins with them!

Visit Website: CMR

How long have you been running CMR and what led you to start your business?

Clare: “CMR has been established now for over 10 years and I am looking forward to the belated celebrations in 2021 as plans last year were unfortunately delayed due to COVID-19.

At the beginning of my career, I worked for large organisations who told their customers what they were going to do for them, rather than listening to the needs of each client and working with them to find a bespoke solution. I was so disheartened by their “one size fits all” attitude that I decided to step away from that type of business culture.

I then focused on short term contracts, one of my favourites being Habitat. At the time, they were dedicated to educating their consumers about the true value of their products; how they were designed, their colour, their texture, who they were made by and where. This 360-approach inspired me to go on to encourage my clients, at CMR, about the power of telling the whole story.

Then I joined a small, independent business that was striving to be heard against the corporate noise, eager to listen and learn from their customers and tailor their solutions to the need not greed.

That must have been a big leap. What did you take away from this move?

Clare: “It was a revelation and I have never looked back. Of course, that amazing business is still going strong and I will be forever grateful for what I experienced, whilst working with them. They have a great strength of character, together with unwavering confidence in who they are and where they want to be. I say, ‘of course’, because they have the perfect business model.

Their value, customer and key resource appreciation, enables them to make successful decisions – based on their knowledge and understanding of their community and their marketplace. When the forementioned business relocated I moved on, but I also found myself at a crossroads.

I was faced with the option of going back to the corporate world I knew before, when what I really wanted was to find another small business to employ me full-time; this is when CMR came into being. Incidentally, I still do freelance work for the independent company I championed earlier.

What does CMR offer?

Clare: “Although our service is founded on the business model canvas, we have stripped out the corporate babble and given it a human heart – and I think it really needed that. The results are that every individual or business owner comes away with a full appreciation of their business value and the techniques needed to effectively engage with their community; be that as a service, or an online or physical product.

Every business should know the value of the solution(s) they provide and be able to show clearly how they work to make life easier, better, faster, happier, healthier, etc. for their customers. My work process can be very organic, especially when getting to the crux of who the person is and what they want their business to truly achieve.

I never stop thinking about anyone I work with, there are always new ideas, opportunities and connections to be made and that is why “resource” is in my business name: to offer a continuous service and support even when our project is successfully completed.

Working with individuals and business owners, for me is a very creative process, it’s with humour and empathy, in a safe space where you can be open, authentic and talk about anything from your wildest dreams to your smallest challenges. Not many of us find it easy to talk about ourselves, which makes it even more powerful when you accept and appreciate just how amazing you and your skills are.

What drives you to do what you do?

Clare: “From extensive experience, we know how important it is for individuals and business owners to be confident about their individual brand, their worth and their potential. I am an absolute advocate of having a well-researched and honed business model.

Then, it’s about having the knowledge and empowerment to make minor or major changes for your customers, your service or the size of company – whilst factoring in all the essential elements that may be affected.  A way of trialling your ideas before launch; quickly, easily and efficiently.

I am personally motivated by being as green as possible – and provide clients with post-its from greenstat.co.uk!”

What types of businesses do you work with?

Clare: “I’ve been very fortunate to work with businesses ranging from coaching, entertainment, literature,  marketing, interior design, accounting, upholstery, healing and horticulture – so there is no one specific ‘type’ of business that I work with.

More often than not, our clients are new business start-ups wanting to ensure they have a clear understanding of their product and service values, alongside their customer base, business organisation and systems. We also work with small businesses who are experiencing overwhelming demand for their service, those who want to change focus or even upscale.

How can people get in touch with you, do you offer a consultation?

Clare: “I love Instagram and LinkedIn and most often use these platforms (but I do have a presence on Facebook and Twitter too). Also, the CMR website is where you can find more detail about how I work, alongside case studies with testimonials. We offer a free 30-minute consultation. This is a no pressure way for you to find out how I can best help and add value to your business.”

How have you had to adapt your business during the pandemic?

Clare: “We have been doing more of our work on Zoom, which has complemented our approach and way of working. Although we have been mindful of making our sessions shorter, with built-in breaks, time for ‘screen off’ chat or screen sharing visuals, to help reduce eye strain.

Also, where possible, we arrange outdoor meetings over a hot chocolate at places such as Urban Larder, Relevant Record Café and Eclipse Bakery on Mill Road in Cambridge – and further afield. Walking and talking is extremely productive and still forms part of working toward our goals and objectives. Nature has a wonderful way of freeing up our creative thoughts and it never stops surprising me how fruitful these walks can be.”

If you could give one piece of advice to yourself when you were starting out what would it be?

Clare: “To have someone available to me who I trust and, most importantly, who listens to me. Anxiety or indecision is reduced significantly by talking openly, as well as having the space to air our concerns, ideas or difficulties.”

What are the key areas of support you can offer for small or independent creative businesses?

Clare: “We start by introducing calm and a sense of direction to your business and give you the tools and time to plan and clarify your goals and objectives. Once we are organised, anything is possible!”

What are the next steps for CMR?

Clare: “Using the website and social media, we will be sharing more video content and article recommendations to help you make your business processes run more smoothly. We will also share access to the tools to use for planning and timelining projects. There will be a collaborator section that freely shares advice from our partners in media, marketing, social media, finance and more. These are partners we have worked alongside, who understand how CMR works and offer the same expertise and kind support.”


The Trove Cambridge has also partnered with CMR to bring exclusive offers to the #WeAreCambsCreatives collective and today we are announcing a competition for existing and new members to enter for a chance to win two free 45 minute sessions with CMR! The winner will work with Clare to review and refresh their core business strategy and look at how they can stay ahead of the competition – a great incentive as we ease further out of lockdown.

Current members will be sent further details and notified by email as to how they can enter – and new members joining before Friday 9th July will also have the opportunity to be entered. The competition closes on Sunday 11th July and the winner will be notified by email on Monday 12th July 2021. The winner must use this offer before the end of November 2021 with at least one week between sessions. Thinking of joining? Find out about membership here.


If you are a local business based in or near Cambridgeshire and are interested in finding out about partnership and/or sponsorship opportunites please get in touch! CMR became a sponsor through our Bring It 2020 crowdfunding campaign and they have enabled us to get started on funding the first issue of #CambsCreativeScene magazine due to launch later this year. We have advertising packages available, express your interest via: magazine@thetrovecambridge.co.uk

*Ad | This post is brought to you as part of a paid partnership with CMR – a valued sponsor of The Trove Cambridge.

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Shop Local

#ShopCambridgeshire: Christmas Gift Inspiration

With just eight days until Christmas Day we have seen a flurry of last order and posting dates announced to help ensure that gifts arrive in time before the big day – but there is still time for you to support your local small and independent businesses this year if you know where to look! Through our #ShopCambridgeshire winter campaign we have been able to make it that little bit easier to know where to shop Cambridgeshire businesses online.

In our lovingly curated Instagram gift guides alone we have featured a total of 180 local businesses and over 230 products, works and services. Take a look at the gift guide series below to find stocking fillers, affordable artwork, wearables and homewares as well as an eclectic mix of original artwork, candles, stationery, children’s gifts and accessories.

There are also more local artists, designers, makers and independent businesses to explore who have been joining in with the campaign sharing their posts over at #ShopCambridgeshire as well as all those listed over on the #ShopCambridgeshire marketplace.

Our marketplace brings together a diverse trove of unique products in one place and as we do not take commission you can know that every penny you spend will go directly to the seller; less any fees they pay through their individual platforms. When you click to “buy now” you will be taken directly to the seller’s online shop or website to check availability and purchase – see selected features below or browse here!


Stationery & Coasters Gift Set by Sue Rapley – £20

Shop Now: Sue Rapley

Stegosaurus Puzzle Ornament by Garnett Crafts – £27.50

Shop Now: Garnett Crafts

Soma Pendant Necklace by Dittany Rose – £126

Shop Now: Dittany Rose

Whale Illustration Ceramic Mug by Dario Fisher – £12

Shop Now: Dario Fisher

Shopping and supporting local isn’t just for Christmas – so whether you have finished your shopping already or have only just made a start, we encourage you to take a look through the guides as there are many great things to discover and businesses to get to know and connect with as we head into a new year.


Sweet treats, enamel pins, stationery, hot sauce, eco-friendly soaps, leather bookmarks, coffee, candles, accessories, craft kits, gin and more – be inspired to shop a range of stocking fillers and gifts under £10. Featuring: @handcraftedbooksbysueday, @elyfudgecompany, @bumbleandoak, @thelittlefenlandecoshop, @kissaircandles, @thesunshinearchive, @roundwoodgin, @the_brew_project, @harryspecters and more.

Take a look at the full guide over on Instagram here: Shop Local – Stocking Fillers


From as little as £6 to just over £60 – we have put together a fantastic selection of affordable art prints, original works and beautifully illustrated calendars to suit a broad range of interiors and artistic tastes. Featuring: @boudicaillustrations, @vivien.house, @korporate, @daftcow, @ellamorella, @sleepybeestudio, @shelly_brown_illustration, @little__enn, @wethreeclub, @loumillsdesigns, @lele_saa and more.

Take a look at the full guide over on Instagram here: Shop Local – Gifts: Affordable Art


What to wear? Whether you are buying a gift or looking to treat yourself, let this guide spark your curiosity with a wonderful selection of vintage and handcrafted jewellery, apparel, handmade bags and accessories. Featuring: @dittanyrose, @gotaninkling, @melajewellery, @dizzydollylou, @sally_moonsilver, @trinkets_27, @eclecticstonestudio, @_posyandpen, @harrygrowler, @nokodesignsjewellery, @qhere_bags and more.

Take a look at the full guide over on Instagram here: Shop Local – Gifts: Wearables


Furniture, plants, planters, wall hangings, vases, frames, kitchenware, throws and cushions – find some truly excellent examples of craftmanship here from woodwork to textiles and ceramics to glasswork. Featuring: @woodentreasureofficial, @smallandgreencambridge, @wolimorb.ceramics, @lucynajmazur, @stedsans, @theflatlandpioneers, @millar.made, @sarora_knots, @mudwaterceramics and more.

Take a look at the full guide over on Instagram here: Shop Local – Gifts: Homewares


Our final guide of the season ties together a miscellaneous collection of gift ideas including notebooks and journals, original paintings, festive scented candles, cupcakes, children’s clothing and experience gift cards. Featuring: @twolittlecatsbakery, @igniumcandle.co, @lizgreenhalghphoto, @theladymoth, @suerapleyart, @carolinegrayillustration, @sleepybeestudio, @helenhandmadebooks, @carolineforward and more.

Take a look at the full guide over on Instagram here: Shop Local – Gifts: An Eclectic Mix

As we bring the winter campaign to a close we would like to say thank you to everyone who has taken the time to get involved and to everyone who has shared the guides and helped to spread the word about shopping and supporting local businesses this Christmas.

If you’ve recently found us through the campaign and would like to find out more about what we do – we invite you to explore the hub and follow us over on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. For now, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and will see you back here after a short break over the holidays!

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Shop Local

#ShopCambridgeshire & Support Local This Christmas

On Monday we officially launched our #ShopCambridgeshire winter campaign aimed at inspiring you to think about where you can shop and support your local and independent businesses this Christmas. It was great to have launched this alongside Just A Card‘s Indie Week which brings together thousands of people from across the world to champion the importance of valuing and buying from creative and small businesses throughout the holiday season!

We invite you to get involved by heading over to #ShopCambridgeshire on Instagram and browsing the feed. You can also help spread the word by sharing posts from the feed with your followers using stories and making use our fun interactive Instagram story templates which you can find below! If you are a local business please join in by using the hashtag in your posts and remember to tag us so that we can share too, you can find us at: @thetrove_cambridge

The #ShopCambridgeshire marketplace is also now live once again for this campaign and features an array of works, products and services from local artists, designers, makers and independent businesses based across Cambridgeshire and just beyond. Our marketplace brings together a diverse trove of original artworks, prints, ceramics, homewares, jewellery, stationery, accessories, sweet treats and many more unique gifts in one place – to help make it just that little bit easier to navigate shopping Cambridgeshire businesses online!

We do not take commission and so every penny you spend will go directly to the seller; less any fees they pay through their individual platforms. When you click to “buy now” or “enquire” you will be taken directly to the seller’s online shop or website to check availability and purchase or to request a quote! We really hope you enjoy exploring the marketplace and discovering new local businesses to support this year.


‘Ziggy Styles’ Giclée Print by Lele Saa – £50

Shop Now: Lele Saa

A5 Space Notebook by Lily In Space – £6

Shop Now: Lily In Space

Coffee Bean Necklace by Gina Kim Jewellery – £22

Shop Now: Gina Kim Jewellery

Handbuilt Cakestand by Shop At Seed – £52

Shop Now: Shop At Seed

Throughout the Christmas shopping period you will be able to find a series of Christmas shopping and gift guides here at #CambsCreativeScene online as well as over at @CambsCreativeTreasures on Instagram, where we have already posted guides on where to shop for cards, festive decor, gift wrapping and crafts.


Are you planning on sending out Christmas cards this year? Well… we have got you covered with a really great selection of over thirty traditional, funny, beautiful and totally unique designs in our first guide. Featuring: @juliasarahlown.design, @lellibellecards, @cam.buildings, @lilyinspacedesigns, @ccc_gallery, @abistevens_art, @joclarkdesign, @dariodesign, @georginaburtonstudio, @suerapleyart and more.

Take a look at the full guide over on Instagram here: Shop Local – Christmas Cards


If you are looking for something special to gift this year or to bring more festive vibes into your home then have a browse through our curated selection of unique décor and homewares in our second guide. Featuring: @thatchandroses, @bewilderly, @far_thelabel, @artcornerbysandra, @clarekenwardflowers, @alicerosehandmade, @vk_gallery, @elybasketmaker, @bexbluedesignshed, @mapmapart and more.

Take a look at the full guide over on Instagram here: Shop Local – Festive Decor


For our third guide we have put together a great collection of Christmas wrapping solutions and a whole heap of inspiration of where you can get your craft patterns and supplies for your festive projects. Featuring: @doraexplored, @hahonline, @ecojapan.uk, @sewingdaze, @fabricvase, @themissingyarn, @helloshanstudio, @cambridgeimprint, @sallyroperartist, @knittingneedlelane and more.

Take a look at the full guide over on Instagram here: Shop Local – Gift Wrapping & Crafts

Download our fun interactive templates here and share them to your Instagram Stories:

There was a wonderful discussion over on Instagram in response to our last post all about gifts for Cambridge foodies – you can head back and check out that post here and read the community’s insights here. If there is something in particular you are looking for this Christmas and are not quite sure where to look then please feel free to drop us a message or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

If you are not a member of #WeAreCambsCreatives and would like listings added to the marketplace as part of this campaign, you can get five listings for just £3 and they will remain live until Sunday 20th December. Send us an email to let us know you are interested to: hello@thetrovecambridge.co.uk

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Shop Local

#ShopCambridgeshire: Gifts for Cambridge Foodies

Christmas. There we said it. It might be early November still but there seems to have been a real buzz for the festive season since September due to the rollercoaster that has been 2020 and the need for something to look forward to. We are certainly ready to jump aboard the build up to the holidays and even though things may look a little different this year we know now more than ever just how important it is to shop local, independent and early!

Today we are bringing you the first of a series of gift guides as part of our #ShopCambridgeshire winter campaign – a feast of inspiration for the food lovers in your life from independent businesses across the county. There is something for everyone, from cook and craft kits aimed at bringing the whole family together to kitchen essentials and a cookery book that sets out to put British farming back on the map and at the centre of your table.

Through our winter campaign we will be sharing with you an array of products, artworks, services and experiences that can be found right on your doorstep. We hope that you discover something new and encourage you to think about supporting your local businesses where you can this Christmas.

We will be officially launching the campaign over on Instagram next week with a series of interactive story templates for you to download and share – including a gift finder template, so if you have in mind something you would like to buy but are not quite sure where to look we are on hand to help!


David Underwood, founder of Orriss & Son, has been a chef for over 20 years. He has travelled extensively, cooking in some of the best kitchens in London and Melbourne, before settling back in his hometown of Cambridge in 2014 as co-owner of street-food burger sensation Steak & Honour.

A fleet of vans, an eponymous restaurant opening and a packed events calendar followed, but David’s focus has always been the building blocks of flavour; the layers of taste, tang and heat that can transform a simple meal into a culinary experience.

Visit Website: Orris & Son

After 6 years and a national lockdown, David knew the time was right to devote his full energy to this pursuit of flavour. At home with his family he developed and refined an idea he had been working on for the past decade – hand-crafted, fermented chilli sauces made in small batches, plant based and without additives.

They were to carry his grandmother’s family name, ‘Orriss’ – one rooted in the East Anglian region. A personal touch for a bespoke product so closely tied to his memories of flavour-filled family meals.

Orris & Son – Available Soon
Orris & Son – ‘Even Flow’ Hot Sauce

David lives in Cambridge with his wife Katie and their three children. Having worked together since the day they met in a Cambridge kitchen, this new partnership allows them to create a better balance in their professional and family lives.

A strong brand drawing upon David’s love of maps and music (spot the Pearl Jam and Soundgarden references in the sauce range), Orriss & Son is unique, impactful and transformative – and available soon.

Handcrafted in Cambridge, the sauces will be available to buy at £7.50 for a 200ml bottle with a donation from each bottle sale going to Water Aid. We think these would be the perfect addition to a gift hamper and even make a great stocking filler too!

Visit Website: Cook & Craft

Cook & Craft is a brand new Cambridge-based independent selling specially curated kits that can be delivered straight to your door. They include wonderful recipes and ingredients for cooking as well as materials for crafting – ideal for children aged between 5-11 and fun for the whole family!

Explore delicious recipes from around the world and create them at home with your loved ones whilst learning new skills and finally getting to sit down, taste and enjoy the flavours of your cooking afterwards.

Cook & Craft – Kits from £18

Alex and Victoria, the co-owners of Cook & Craft, invite you to pick your adventure – play and create with art materials, craft some works of art based around food and learn some facts and phrases from a different country using their activity book which features original illustrations for colouring-in. You can choose either a box with one or two recipes and there are options for ordering vegetarian and vegan as well as gluten free!

The cook and craft kits can be tailored to suit your needs depending on the size of your family and they range from £18 to £87. What’s more? You can also shop a collection of craft bundles, craft supplies and party kits – take a look at everything on offer here.

Brought to you by cook book specialists Meze Publishing and compiled by local arable farmer’s wife Jenny Jefferies, For The Love of the Land was launched this summer and celebrates the stories and recipes of some of the UK’s finest farmers.

As echoed in David and Katie’s story above, the pandemic has certainly given some families a chance to reconnect and take stock of the things that are important to them. Families used to rushing from pillar to post and grabbing meals on the go have been able to take time to cook and share meals together in a way they had perhaps forgotten.

It has also given some of us a new appreciation of what the food shop staff, delivery drivers, butchers, bakers, farmers and deli owners do to help us put great food on our table. The launch of Jenny’s cookery book couldn’t have been more timely.

For The Love Of The Land – Buy Now for £22

She tells us: “After marrying my husband, John, I discovered the wonderful, challenging and sometimes isolating world of farming. I never before quite appreciated where our food came from so it’s been a real privilege to speak with the farmers within this book; they are truly the backbone of our country. They nurture and provide for us; putting food on our table for us to enjoy, so let’s give thanks and praise for all the hard work that they do.

‘For The Love Of The Land’ features a collection of stories and recipes from farmers across the UK who specialise in a diverse range of produce; from game, pork, lamb, beef, cheese and dairy to the more unusual such as lavender, chillies and edible flowers.

Caldecote Manor’s Pheasant & Asparagus Bake

Featured local farms include Cambridgeshire-based Burwash Manor Farm in Barton, Caldecote Manor Farm in Abbotlsey, Fuller’s Hill Farm in Little Gransden, P.X. Farms Ltd in Dry Drayton and South Farm in Royston as well as La Hogue Farm Shop and Café based in Newmarket.

For many farming families like Jenny and John, working the land and raising livestock is a true labour of love, and what they produce is the backbone of the country’s food and drink. The dishes in this book make the most of local and seasonal ingredients, creating delicious meals, puddings and bakes that anyone can cook up at home – find out more and order your copy for £22 here!

Further Gifting Inspiration:

Bumble & Oak – Truffle Making Gift Kit (£19.69 via Click It Local)

Naomi Davies Art – Cambridge-inspired Chopping Boards (£12.50)

Shop At Seed – Contemporary Ceramic Tableware from £24

Alison Hullyer – Baking Illustrated Tea Towel (£10)

Bitesize Bakehouse – Artisan Sweet Treats & Postal Brownies from £5

Sue Rapley – Nature-inspired Table Mats from £10

Claire Folkes Ceramics – Stoneware Tableware from £8

Steak & Honour – Gift Vouchers from £10

Cambridge Wine Merchants – Wine, Champagne, Beer & Spirits

Gourmandises Académie – Patisserie Workshop Custom Gift Cards

Pear Pan Tree – Kitchen Wares from £25

Kelly’s Kitchen – 1-2-1 Virtual Cake Decorating Class (£55)

La Petite Maison – Chocolate Bars & Bonbons from £14.58

White Cottage Bakery – Bread Making Workshop Vouchers from £10

The Cambridge Cheese Co. – Gift Vouchers from £25

Cambridge Cookery School –  Culinary Experience Class Gift Vouchers

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Cambridge Social Media Day 2020 – #CSMDay2020

We are really pleased to announce our new community partnership with Cambridge Social Media ahead of their two-day virtual conference taking place next month on Tuesday 17th and Wednesday 18th November 2020. If you are a freelancer, small business owner or charity looking to learn how to make the most of digital marketing then you will not want to miss #CSMDay2020!

Cambridge Social Media Day has been held in Cambridge for the past two years, attracting hundreds of attendees. This year the organisers have made it a virtual event that will focus on helping people to make the most of building their businesses online.

Since the start of lockdown founder Lenka Koppová has been hosting free training sessions on a range of social media topics over in the Cambridge Social Media Facebook group. Lenka says: “Even though it’s an online conference, we’re really trying to make sure that we maintain the things that people really love about our past in-person events, which is a lot focus on the personal connections with people networking, connecting with your fellow entrepreneurs and business owners who are on a similar journey to yours.”

Get your #CSMDay2020 ticket here!

This year’s event is being held in partnership with business community Shifties founded by Alex Hughes. Alex says: “Our emphasis is on a holistic approach to business building, where personal growth is as important as scaling business opportunities. Shifties are very proud to be able to support Cambridge Social Media with the Cambridge Social Media Day 2020 online event. Social media platforms are incredible tools for connecting small businesses with their customers and business owners with a wide support network.”

#CSMDay2020 will involve a day of talks from expert speakers and a day of workshops where people can learn skills to help them grow their business. The first day event programme kicks off at 11am with an informal networking session and welcome from Lenka and Alex!

You can then expect a series of keynote speakers throughout the day including ‘The Social Media Changes That You Need to Know’ by Andy Lambert and ‘How to Use Social Media to get Oversubscribed’ by special guest Daniel Priestley who is a world-renowned entrepreneur and business growth expert.

Tuesday’s programme will close with a discussion panel honing in on ‘The Power of Communities on Social Media’. There will be further opportunity for informal networking at the end of the day and attendees are invited to stay connected afterwards for drinks and entertainment from 7-9pm!

Get your #CSMDay2020 ticket here!

On Wednesday there will be a selection of workshops and hands-on interactive Q&A sessions running simultaneously. Your ticket to the two-day online event gives you access to any of the content from the two days as downloadable files for future reference or in case you miss anything on the days – so you will be able to pick a few to join in real-time and re-watch all the rest afterwards.

The line-up so far looks incredible and includes Pippa Akram’s ‘Instagram 101: A Definitive Guide’, Carly Stringer’s ‘How to use Facebook ads to grow your online store’, Georgina White’s ‘The Power of Pinterest’ and Dan Holloway’s ‘Is YouTube the best rabbit hole for your Business? How to start, grow and scale with YouTube!’

We have our ticket – have you got yours? You can still grab an Early Bird ticket for just £40 + VAT and full price tickets will become available once the sale has ended.

Through our community partnership scheme members of the #WeAreCambsCreatives collective have access to an exclusive discount code to use towards their ticket. You can find it by logging into the members area or over in the closed group account here!

Be sure to give Cambridge Social Media a follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and you can also join their Facebook group to find out more! If you are interested in becoming a member of #WeAreCambsCreatives you can join today here.

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Cambridge Art Makers – #PotsForPoTS Charity Auction

Susannah Bangham, Creative Director at Cambridge Makers, is fundraising for a charity close to her heart – quite literally! Susannah lives with the debilitating health condition Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) and to coincide with PoTS Awareness Day this Sunday 25th October she will be facilitating an online auction of locally handmade pots in aid of PoTS UK.

Pots For PoTS 2020 was due to take place at the Cambridge Makers studios in Linton, Cambridgeshire but due to the current situation the event is now taking place online through the organisation’s website here.

The web-based auction is live right now and running until 5pm on Sunday with a wonderful selection of ceramic wares to bid on including bowls, dishes, mugs, jugs, vases and a range of miscellaneous pots which would be perfect for plants and trinkets. On Sunday there will also be an Instagram Live at 4pm to showcase all of the pots – you can join the tour via Facebook too – and at 5.15pm a select 16 will be auctioned live virtually on Zoom.

You can see what will be available and get your free ticket to the live event here!

Susannah says: “The fundraiser came about because I have PoTS and I started potting as a way to heal a few years ago after I lost a job I loved because of my illness. A friend brought round some clay and I just sat and squished it and cried! Eventually I started going to her house once a week and started learning to throw. During lockdown the same friend lent me a wheel, which I set up in my Grandpa’s potting shed so that I could keep potting all summer for the fundraiser.”

Unfortunately there are not many places to get information about PoTS and it can often take a very long time to get a diagnosis. Susannah waited 10 years for hers and has told us how vital the charity PoTS UK are as a resource for both patients and medical professionals.

PoTS UK states: “Postural Tachycardia Syndrome (PoTS) can be a life altering and debilitating health condition. Simply standing up can be a challenge for affected people as their body is unable to adjust to gravity. PoTS is due to an abnormal response by the autonomic (automatic) nervous system and is characterised by orthostatic intolerance (the development of symptoms when upright that are mostly relieved by lying down). Symptoms include palpitations, lightheadedness, fatigue, sweating, nausea, fainting and headaches, and are associated with a persistant increase in heart rate from the lying to upright position.”

Money raised through the Pots For PoTS fundraiser will go towards helping educate and support patients, their carers and medical professionals across the UK. A small donation will be made to Cambridge Makers, who are also a registered charity, to cover resources provided.

The live auction is expected to be a fun, friendly and welcoming event – we hope to see you there! The fundraiser has been made a reality due to the kind donations from and collaborative efforts of potters Frank Logan, Janet Edwards, Joy Voisey, Lucy Blake, Pip Hughes, Steel Haughton, Victoria Ashdown and Caroline Amory.

You can follow Cambridge Art Makers on Facebook and Instagram for updates and to tune into the live tour. If you have any questions you can contact Susannah and her team at: potsforpotsuk@gmail.com

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Community Art Project: West Chesterton Animal Trail

On Saturday 3rd October the West Chesterton Mutual Aid group launched their community animal trail art project bringing colour to the streets of Cambridge through a series of installations. This public initiative is designed to encourage local residents of all ages to stay active and creative throughout Autumn/Winter and the project is set to evolve well into early-Spring next year!

The West Chesterton Animal Trail is one of many inspirational creative responses we have witnessed throughout the Covid-19 pandemic – with so many communities coming together to keep smiles on faces and show their support to key workers through various artistic endeavours.

We have also admired the way in which organisations have adapted events to enable them to go ahead this year and are thankful to those who have made events more accessible to people who are house-bound, in quarantine or shielding. West Chesterton Mutual Aid say: “What differentiates the Chesterton Animal Trail from some others is its inclusivity. The trail is available on a map and will be documented with photographs available online so that people can take part in different ways.”

Image by Lucinda Price, West Chesterton Mutual Aid

West Chesterton Mutual Aid is one of many local volunteer community groups that was established earlier this year to support residents due to the coronavirus – and over the last six months they have done vital work helping to complete hundreds of essential tasks for those shielding in the area.

As cases start to rise again across the country the group were keen to do something to lift spirits, lead organiser and local photographer Lucinda Price says: “We are really excited to launch a project to help create some safe and fun activities for our community over the winter.”

Image by Lucinda Price, West Chesterton Mutual Aid

Pictured above is illustrator and designer Ella Beech who is currently studying for an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University. Ella has created a wonderful window display for the trail featuring a squirrel monkey and tiger – see Animal 18 on the trail map which you can access here.

More and more creatures will be making their way by land, river and air to the north of the city throughout October. From cuddly animals to creative masterpieces, residents are encouraged to join in and can get their animals added to the map by contacting the group. Keep an eye out for the flock of flamingos and other animals currently installed at the entrance of Victoria Park as well as for Gordon the Giraffe who has settled in nicely with those at Cambridge Manor Care Home; as seen below with Sheila Cracknell, George Bacon, Howard Varey and Marissa Worrell.

Image by Lucinda Price, West Chesterton Mutual Aid
Image by Lucinda Price, West Chesterton Mutual Aid
Image by Lucinda Price, West Chesterton Mutual Aid
Image by Lucinda Price, West Chesterton Mutual Aid

Cambridge City Council have worked closely with many groups to help build local resilience. Lucinda Price, Clara Todd and their team of volunteers at West Chesterton Mutual Aid have been well supported by Cllr Jamie Dalzell and Cllr Mike Sargeant (pictured above). If you are in Cambridge – or further afield – you can see if there is a community support group in your area via the Covid-19 Mutual Aid UK website here.

Find out more about the animal trail by following the group on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Be sure to tag any images you share on social media with #ChestertonTrail and you could also use our community tag #CambsCreativeTreasures too – we would love to see what animals you spot along the way!

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Caroline Forward’s Three #PortraitsForNHSHeroes

Throughout lockdown hundreds of artists from across the UK produced portraits of NHS workers for free as part of the #PortraitsForNHSHeroes initiative which was launched in early April by Oxford-based portrait painter Tom Croft. There was an incredible response to the project inspiring similar initiatives across Europe and North America.

Caroline Forward, a Cambridgeshire artist and member of #WeAreCambsCreatives, completed three portraits as part of this inspiring initiative and we feel privileged to share them with you here on the blog with notes about each of the frontline heroes she painted, including a local nurse who works at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

You can find a detailed explanation of how #PortraitsForNHSHeroes came about over on Tom Croft’s website here. He talks about what portraits represent and how they immortalise people. He poses the question of who should be immortalised and “line the walls of galleries” today. Tom says: “The people who put self interest and self preservation to one side and literally risked their lives knowingly on a daily basis for our well being. The NHS workers. Absolutely.”

Tom helped to match NHS workers with participating artists directly but due to such high demand he also suggested that any artist willing to get involved with the project posted their offers of free portraits on Instagram. Caroline did just that and was contacted within minutes of posting her offer by Kate, a midwife working in a busy maternity unit in Barnsley.

Kate said to Caroline how difficult it is for mothers giving birth without their nearest and dearest around them. She described the exhausting impact of working in personal protective equipment (PPE), the high levels of staff sickness and therefore staff shortages, and the long shifts.

After completing her first painting Caroline agreed to do a further two portraits. Her second portrait is of Katie, a staff nurse in Coronary Care at Addenbrooke’s. It was incredibly meaningful for Caroline to be able to paint a local frontline worker and she was able to deliver the finished artwork in person – socially distanced of course!

It was a very special moment for Caroline when she met Katie outside her home.

Katie told Caroline that she tries to keep her patients as calm, comfortable and reassured as possible whilst giving them the treatment they need to get better, being their advocate and being there for them especially when they are at their most vulnerable. With no visitors allowed she does as much as she can for their mental health so they feel less alone.

Caroline’s third portrait is of Karen, a paramedic in the West Midlands Ambulance Service. Karen moved her four daughters into her brother’s home at the start of lockdown in order to protect them from her potentially bringing Covid-19 home with her after work. To be separated from your young children for several months is a hardship. Caroline says: “These stories of personal sacrifice by our frontline workers need to be heard.”

It has been a touching and emotional journey for both the artist and subjects. Caroline explains that although the portraits are of the individuals, and that they have been gifted to them as a thank you for all they do, they are also painted in gratitude to and recognition of all those who have done so much during the pandemic. She received some wonderful feedback, notably: “No one has ever done anything like this for me, given me their time and talent in this way.”

You can browse over 13,000 images which have been shared on Instagram with the project hashtag here – it is truly a wonderful and visually moving social media curation. You can also find a small online exhibition of selected works over at The Net Gallery.

It is hoped that there will be a physical exhibition open to the public of #PortraitsForNHSHeroes sometime in the future but in the meantime be sure to follow @tomcroftartist for updates and @carolineforward to see her latest work over! If you are a local artist who has also produced a portrait as part of the project we would love to hear from you – please do get in touch.

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Lele Saa – Shortlisted: World Illustration Awards 2020

We are really pleased to announce that Lele Saa, member of #WeAreCambsCreatives, has been shortlisted for the World Illustration Awards 2020 presented by The Association of Illustrators (AOI). Lele’s submission was previously selected as one of 500 longlisted projects from more than 4,300 entries – and has now been selected for the final shortlist of 200 projects!

Lele Saa, an illustrator and visual designer based in Cambridge, balances her part-time role as Creative Director at a UX design and innovation studio with her art practice which involves illustration, frame by frame animation and ceramic experiments.

Hooray! It’s a totem parade! is a mural painted on the exterior of Horizon – a centre for adults with learning disabilities in Cambridge. This piece by Lele stands alongside work by various local artists designed to uplift the outside of the organisation’s facilities.

Lele says: “I tried to create a bold image using the space of the wall in an exciting way. The whole mural can be only seen fully from a specific point of view; marked by a spot on the floor. The main totem figure depicts a Phoenix Bird that is reborn from its ashes and gives a positive message to the viewers.”

The mural was completed across 12 sessions between August and October 2019. Lele notes that ‘the composition grew organically’ taking into account ‘the limitations of the bricks and wall elements’ – although the design was planned digitally beforehand.

The project has been shortlisted in the ‘Site Specific’ category for this year’s World Illustration Awards by the AOI, who have been running an annual illustration competition for over 45 years. You can take a look at all of the shortlisted projects here.

The AOI is the world’s leading illustration body supporting and sustaining illustrators and the illustration industry. They present the awards in partnership with The Directory of Illustration which is widely regarded as the world’s leading marketing program for illustrators. This year they had entries from illustrators in 79 countries.

Congratulations to Lele Saa for being shortlisted – this is such a fantastic achievement!

Image by @lele_saa

The award winners, category specific and overall, will be announced on Wednesday 21st October 2020. Celebrations for this year will be rounded off with an online programme of events which is set to include masterclasses, panel discussions and social opportunities for illustrators, agents and commissioners from around the world to meet, explore and celebrate.

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